Who Are the Verified Artfire Sellers Guild?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well I think we should start with "What is Artfire?"
Artfire is a artisan marketplace like no other. They are committed to making the online selling experience for both buyer and artisan a seamless and painless experience. They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary this month. Happy Anniversary Artfire. If you haven't already heard about them believe me you will.

At Artfire there are 2 kinds of studios. Basic and Verified ( soon to be known as Pro). So what is the difference. Verified(Pro) sellers have made a financial comitment to their studios. They are driven to improve their studios, blogs, photography and customer service. These are only a few of the ways a Verified(Pro) seller is working to improve their business.

This guild was formed to help all the verified sellers to advance their knowledge in SEO, social search, social media, photography and all other aspects of their business. Are you Verified(Pro)? If you are and are looking for a guild of like minded artisans please feel free to join us.